Thursday, August 02, 2007

wateva la...

waiter: wat would u like to drink sir?
A: hmm... anything laa..
waiter: we don't have this kinda drink sir... would like to try our ice lemon tea?
A: erm.. wateva la..
A: eh.. eh.. can faster r.. i very thirsty laa..
10 yrs later...
same waiter: wat would like to drink sir?
A: hmm... anything la.
waiter: right away sir.
A: fast fast... i very thirsty laa..

some smart ass inventor create tis drink..

each day, he saves alot of lives u know...y??

cuz ppl won't have to kill their brain cells to think of wat to drink.

thanks for bringing the drinks for me man... next time i find 1 wateva shop, so u could eat wateva u like ya...lolz


joie said...

oh.. what is inside whatever? eager to know...

hseang* said...

hahaha....good drinks.