Monday, August 13, 2007

no politics b4 M-day.

i just read it in d newspaper today. it says something like this.

so, i was just wondering. is it true that politician can interfere with whoever and whatever organization in this country AGAIN after 31st of August??

hmm... everyone in this country knows that there will be always a difference in terms of poilitics and which side those ppl are trying to aid and whatsoever. it always has been so, since independence day. i'm sorry, the scenario has always this way since 3 major races came venture into this greenary land. just that no one talks bout it, and everyone knows what are the advantages and disadvantages they each hold.

yea, i do agree with the sultan of selangor statement; that malaysians have stuck together thru stormy weather. but the question is, do they do it willingly, or they have been force to do so? i belief we could take both answers. as mention earlier, we hold the key to each races. to put it bluntly, 'u help me scratch my back, i help u scratch urs.' is just plain simple as that. and it will believe me, that this is gonna go on for many years to come. unless we all change our mental attitude and perceptions. that we are malaysians, and not malaysians malays , malaysians chinese, malaysians indians, but malaysian. by just changing this very perception, it could make a whole lot difference to the development of the country and the well being of society.

as many of us will think, politics exists everywhere in the world, no matter where u r. i totally agree with it. we cannot eliminate it, but we could reduce it to the minimal. we generally, are more comfortable around ppl who are of the same 'color' of as our skin... most of my friends are the same race as i am. i wish to have a more balance group of races of friends. be it chinese, malays, indians. i'm more than welcome to have them all. but we live in an environment that most ppl tend to circum to. 'if u can't beat them, join them.' which is so true in d society that we live in.

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