Tuesday, August 28, 2007


heya!! i know is a pretty late entry. heh...

last 2 weeks i met up with Kenny for a game of badminton at Mont Kiara. gosh! i haven't lifted d racket for such a long period, it felt strange when i first hit the ball. my movement in d court was so weird, i thought i would fall anytime soon. nevertheless, i enjoyed it. one more thing, if ur intention is not to just sweat out in the court, there's also another thing that might make u crave to step into the court, which is GALS. there are alot of gals compare with other outlets and courts that i've went. probably the gals in that area likes sports. there were also gals playing netball outside the court. heh...

anyway, my intention is to sweat it out. wanna lose some weight le. tummy getting bigger ledi. -_-'''
after games, Kenny and me met up with some friends at Hartamas for a drink. so happened it was Kenny's b'day the next day, and one of my friend say wanna belanja him sisha. it was my first time trying it thou. the taste is bout the same as smoking a ciggeratte. is just less tabacco, and is so called 'purified' by the water.

okie, less crap, more pics.

first time trying it.

lucky lucky... stella, alston, and i can't rmb her name. (sorree, i'm bad with names)

stella, met her thru alston, she really can shake while clubbing. probably was drunk. hoho

kenny and me, my primary classmate buddy.

i'm abit sesak in this pic le... doesn't seem to fit in. -__-''''


ms paranoid said...

are you sure first time trying sisha?

endless-scroll said...

yupz... smoke got la.. but 1st time trying sisha... not bad la, not as strong as ciggaretes.