Sunday, August 05, 2012


people are not perfect... some strive very hard to be one. some don't even bother. some just tired of trying. 
i hope i don't stop trying. 
i want to be the best that i could be. i just want to make people happy in my own way. i just want to be notice and appreciate that's all. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012


it seems like it's a once a month thing just to let people know i'm alive. or it could be just plain blunt no motivation at all to write. 

sudden thought.
[things seems to be moving extraordinarily slow during work; meanwhile i don't seems to be able to catch up outside my work life] good or bad? 

*trying hard to think of a topic* 

i give up... 

Saturday, March 31, 2012


complain complain complain...

find a solution, stop complaining.

Friday, February 17, 2012


before heading out for lunch...

had a meeting with the management team for the first time.. full attendances, after 2 weeks.

not easy to manage your subordinates. especially with different mentalities, worst still if laziness is part of the working culture. it's hard to change.

you can't change what you are born with; your face, your height, your natural defects.

what you can change is every other thing, besides those mentioned above.

cultures that have been pre-determine for centuries. it takes one evolution to change everything.

characters and behaviours are shaped thru experiences. good or bad. we still can change it.

wealth, health, spirituality, relationships, intelligence, emotions..... all can be change...

depending on badly you need it be part of you.

many a times we need something to push us off the tipping point. we learned to fall, so that we would know. that's when we wake up. having said that, if we have some guidances, things would be so much easier. how can we learn then..?
there's always 2 sides of the coin.

still... management arr.. i need more guidances. i don't have basic training. please do understand, or at least try to.

Friday, February 03, 2012

First post of 2012

Its a brand new chinese new year calender. Okay.. Maybe i'm bit late by a week or so...just realize i have left this space aside for quite a while. But i do come back to read what's happenining with people around me.

Ive been very very laid back this past couple of months... And got a load earful from the gf. Its easy to be frustrated when things are not happening. A famous psychologist once said (can't remember the name), "if you stop learning/evolving/ .... You are as good as dead."

How often do we move forward, or grow. The only constant grow is side ways of our bodies.

When you see kids, everyone would just relate to them, deep down inside we all want to be like them. No worries, full of laughters and cries, and they just live their life.

Hmm.... Off track jor tim.

Anyway, i started work 2 days ago. Wasn't exactly what i have envision. There are things i could improve. It isn't exactly a big jump, surely hope it's the right thing to do this moment (yes, i have my doubts). Nevertheless, i'm looking forward to a great year ahead. Don't worry, the world is not collapsing, if you really thing it is to be, just remember to tell people you care about how much yu love them. If takde, just grab a dog and say you love it. Worst case, go to Macdonalds

Have a great year ahead and prosperous to all during this water dragon year. =)