Saturday, August 11, 2007


staring at the ceiling, lying on my bed. my mind went blank for a moment. n all thoughts came rushing in again. what the hell am i doing right now. NOTHING. cursing myself at this very moment, shouldn't i be out there, serving the community or at the very least doing something beneficial. NOPE. i'm just lazing around doing virtually nothing. i feel so useless.

looking back at what happened the last few years, at times are havoc and meaningless. the problem is, i don't know what i want in life! even now that i'm doing the course that i've been longing for since i started out my a-levels, i still don't know what i wanna do after i graduate. true, get a job. who doesn't know that. but i still feel something is missing. i don't know what is it, but something just seems missing.

gosh!! i feel like going through mid-life crisis. i feel so inadequate.


j.d.v said...

stop being so unmotivated!!! did u realise how many similar entry like this u ever post since u blog? don complain about life, do something to improve it.. or u are just too bored want some attention from ur readers that u are not really so useless..

endless-scroll said...

hmm... loyal reader of mine. -_-'' i guess u r right. tq..