Sunday, August 12, 2007

a day working in Daimler Chrysler as kuli

i got up at 6.45 in d morning. my head was freAKING pain. probably is cuz by lack of sleep d day b4, and d day b4 and d day b4 b4... havent been really sleeping. anyway, i slept bout 2 hours, b4 getting my lazy ass of the bed. (ish.. banyak b4 ni)

left the house bout 7.10am, and drove all the way to Daimler Chrysler factory in Glenmarie to help my cousin bro with his work.. with my eyes half close. somethin like this -__- when i reach there, i gave him a call, he told me he's on his way. many tau, i end up waiting for almost 20 mins. padahal, ask me to reach his workplace at 7.30. sienz..

after having breakfast, we started working lor. i thought that he would ask me to do his paperwork, stuff like data entry. manatau, totally WRONG!! end up moving stuff, segegrating parts from different dealers. some parts are light, some parts are damn heavy.

while moving the boxes and putting them into a bigger box, i took a box and some part, can't rmb what is the thing called again, fell on my leg, and it terus swell up. TMD!! it could easily weigh up to 20 kg, imagine that bloody @#$%% fell on ur #%^#$%#@ leg.

d fun part was i get to drive the machine that move the boxes and putting in on higher shelves. and there's 1 time, i was standing on the machine, and my cousin elevate me to the max that machine can go. bout 1 and a half storey high. so shiok..

don't know what is that machine called again. hehe...

tat's bout it. nth much happened besides sweating alot, muscles pain, n a SWELL leg. oh ya, and 30 bucks for 5 hours.


Adrina said...

huh? 30 bucks? not enuf to pay for ur medical bill ler.. din u ask him wad job ur supposed to do b4 agreeing to it?

endless-scroll said...

didn't really ask. anyway is better than sitting at home doin nth. and 6 bucks an hour is better workin in macDonalds..