Tuesday, August 28, 2007

movie maniac

has any1 watched Rush Hour 3? go watch it k... it's really funny. d fights are always comical whenever jackie chan stars in d movie. and the ever fast talking chris tucker. weird combination, but a unique one. it truly brings out the East meets West thingy.... i can't find a word for it. bad grammer. -__-'''

how bout the Secret? is a romantic comedy starring jay chou, directed by jay chou and many other things done by jay chou. d leading actress, can't rmb the name. heh... she's sweet, and fit perfectly into her role she played in the movie. the shows talks bout a high school gal travels thru time, and met up with jay himself. and the whole time we didn't know bout it, until the last part of the movie. really ncie.

n then... did ya watch Ratatouille? i'm sure most of u did. especially u lala and clam shells. lolz... nah.. just kidding. nice rite... a rat can cook. how real could that be. heh...

n then... how bout the second part of Almighty show. Evan Almighty. this show is hilarious, i tell u. althou there's no Jim Carey in it. the movie is still so funny. the last part of the movie is pretty dramatic, nonetheless, is awesome to watch.

y am i doing a review bout the movies above? @.@ nth better to do huh.. beside, i sucks in writing review.

is just that i watched all those shows in a week time. i think i could watched even more, if i have plenty plenty, i mean PLENTY of time. heh


kelsen said...

i like secret...hehe...so sweet n romantic

jojo said...

wow u watched so many movies!!!
i missed dat very much!

joie said...

i think the east meet west thing call fusion? :)

Anonymous said...
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hseang* said...

o.. i love ratatoille ^^ da movie by jay chou nice? i tot its sum kind of art movie.. which is boring~ haha. since u all say its nice, gonna go n get da dvd ;)