Monday, August 06, 2007


bored gile... how i wish my holidays could end earlier... so that i could feel a lil bit more useful. if not, give me more jobs during the weekdays as well. so i won't rotten at home.
otherwise, the Star newspaper pg. 10 will come out with :

student from Help uni college rotten to death in his room due to doing practically nothing. cause of death, spider webs blocking the passage of both nostrils, fungus locking the joints of each limb. and dust from this over polluted city, cover the vision. and this has lead to bacteria attacking brain to cause severe damage.

ya guys... tat's how bored i am. nothing better to do, than to write my own 'death' will... sienz.nya

i just finished season 2 of prison break. shiok... go watch it if u have the time. ciaoz...

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hseang* said...

haha....if da news come out on newspaper, ur news wil appear in the front page.