Tuesday, August 14, 2007

i'm not lucky, but i'm happy


simple words, yet to me is pretty meaningful. not to u, but to a guy who didn't have much education, cuz he dislike studying. have been working ever since he came graduate from high school, have a gf to care for, and lead a very very simple life.

i don't know him really well, although he's someone related to me. but he seems content to whateva he has right now, although he did whine to me once that he's not satisfy with what his boss is paying him. true enough, the boss memang pay him quite lil.

to many, he seems to achieve nothing. but to me, he achieve far more than many others couldn't achieve, and they struggle their whole life searching and fighting for it.

but it all boils down to each individual, and their expectation in life, and what they wanna achieved in their course of life.

what are yours?

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