Monday, July 30, 2007


omg, it's been quite a while i didn't update my blog. i think all my readers cabut ledi.. anyway, i didn't post blog for people to read. to me, having ppl reading my blog is already a real bonus.

not much to say thou, been having holidays since beginning of july, and all these while been working part time, hopefully can save enough to go for a holiday... other than that, i'll be lazing around the house most of the time. acumulating fungus.

i just got a notebook... wee!! got it for a fairly cheap price compare with the market price. hehe... i would say cheaper by at least 300 bucks. i got this notebook is all thanks to kar sang. the other day, i fetch him to meet this guy who is selling off is k800i to kar sang. n so happened he mention he's selling off his notebook as well. is brand new, cuz he got it from the dealers. i set up a meeting with him the following day. i was happy with the quality and the specs in the notebook. so i purchase it there and then.

i wanted to format the whole thing again, but b4 i do so, it kena virus. bloody hell!! i was checking my friendster stuff, and there's a friend requesting to be add, when i open it's profile and view his pics, my whole computer crash. tmd!!!!

just got it done this afternoon. hopefully it doesn't give me much of a problem.

nothing much else to say thou...

take care and have a great day u earthlings.

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hseang* said...

hahaha... who's tat whn u view his frenster profile.. damn unlucky lor, go block tat person la.. =D