Monday, September 10, 2007

rest... finally

finally get to rest for a couple of days. i've been working non-stop for the past 3 weeks. even b4 my semester started, i've oredi been working.

first, it was Fernleaf roadshow, in between there is Maxis 3G in Kuching, n i also for Digi, event crew aka KULI, and now d latest i'm in, is this project of maxis broadband. i'm working for nokia tis weekend.

i just finished Shah Alam area. the place was pretty dead, we face alot of problems during the 10 days in Shah Alam. certain areas no coverage, the printer is not working properly, standing under the hot sun. those are the hard times. other than tat, i'm happy working with the promoters... now friends. the good thing about working as a freelancer is that u get to meet all sorts of people. and make friends with the promoters u worked with. the amazing thing is that, u don't know each other at all at the beginning of the roadshow, but still everyone can work with each other. surely they will be arguments and unsatisfactory with some promoters, is impossible to like everyone, and be like by everyone.

enough of nonsense. i'm goin to bed. finally!!

good nitez everyone.


hseang* said...

hahah...enjoy being freelancer?

endless-scroll said...

no... not at all, beside getting to meet new n great ppl. n d money wise.. nothin much to enjoy also.. heh