Wednesday, February 28, 2007

lighter note

have been posting many emo post lately... kinda sien huh, my fellow readers... gaga.
just say that i have bad patch during this CNY. well, in fact i have the worst CNY throughout my 20 over years of my life. even my mom could sense it. yea... the power that has been entrust to fellow mothers on this earth.

when there's a bad side, there's always a good side to look at. instead of dwelling on the the dark side, might as well put a step forward and step to the light. yea.. it's always easier being said and done.

yea, my CNY have been miserable and sucks. but... just put it bluntly, i think i've grown quite a bit. no.. no.. i didn't add another 2 inches which i have been longing for the past 5 years. -__-'''
i mean in terms of emotionally and mentally... yea, my EQ is below average. at least it improve a lil.

been waiting for something this few days, but my wish did not come true. anyway, sometimes in life is best not to expect anything.

oh ya, Stephanie is coming back this weekend. yay!! u wanna know who is she? hehe...

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