Monday, February 12, 2007

untitled 2

i hate it when i'm wrong... not tat is a bad thing.
n i'm not afraid of admiting my mistakes and faults.
but i don't like the feeling, guess no one does.
typical male ego i am.
but it's too late to turn things around.
not that i don't 1 to make the effort.
it's just that i don't have the courage to make the move.
even if i have, i don't know whether this is the right decision.
i've made my equal share of mistakes,
in fact, i've made mistakes all my life.
and everytime i just run away from it.
admiting it is my fault yes,
but always running from it yes.
i don't want to run away anymore,
yet i don't know where to start.
shit... am i doing the right thing this time round?

i only know how to talk,
know how to crap.
but never have the guts to act.
guess i'm just one of those big-mouth assholes,
who knows nothing, but just full of bullshit.

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