Tuesday, February 06, 2007

nitey nite...

just b4 i head to bed, just feel like writing somethin ere.

in a blink of an eye, its oredi 2nd week of feb, n i sometimes still dwell on the fact its still 2006. i'm reli slow huh. nowadays, d things ard us changes so fast, u don't have time to say 'wow' or 'omg, i should have done tat'.
tat's how my life have been, taking my own sweet time, taking as it is as the day comes. sometime i wonder is it a right thing to do. tat's is y i'm still in college doin my 1st yr!! sigh.. no pt regretting it, i choose my path, n i need to continue walking thru it.

reflection time: my mood has been quite ok... it doesn't swing tat vigorously like last time. n my nasty temper... well, there're still lotsa improvement to make.

i don't really care wat ppl see in me, i'm just tryin to get my life back in order, tat's the least i can do now.. n to achieve something i once lost it.

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