Wednesday, February 07, 2007

eat shit

don't worry.. i'm not askin u to eat shit.

there's a saying, 'don't eat and shit at the same place'... i'm sure some of u have heard it b4. basically, is just explains that u don't eat and shit at the same spot la. lol
okok... tat was lame. -__-

well, this 'theory' basically could use on any situation. for example, u steal money ledi, go run far far, don't hang ard n be caught. or another classic would be, if ya wanna find bf or gf, find some1 tat is not from the same college or same work place.. the reason for being so; if... i'm just sayin IF (i'm not cursing u o anythin) u guys break up, or had a big quarel. it tends to change things a lil.
hmm.. let me illustrate a lil. lets say for instance; a couple... (i cut the lovey-dovey part). had an argument, and things couldn't get bec they use to be. now.. i'm sure d guy n gal has their own friends especially in the same office as well. the guy would tell his frens bout the reason they broke up, the gals would do the same thing as well. BUT usually, they would blame the other party for the failure of the relationship. rite?? the after effect of the situation i no need to tell u gua.. surely there would be some WW 3 going on by now.
but then again, wat if the gal is a pretty hot lady or the man is damn gorgeous. i'm sure there's a fan club specially dedicated to their respective idol. so, just assume tat the gal is d more popular 1 in the office. i'm sure wateva she says, 90% of the people would believe her. therefore the grp who listens to the gal would think tat d guy is an asshole or jerk tat dump the gal. because there's a chance that d gal would sob n sob in front of her colleagues, n tell them bout how d guy mistreat her o somethin like tat.

but usually the guy will get the sticks for the problems of the r'ship... n after tat, u will get stares, ppl tend to talk behind ur back. ur frens who are ur frens, don't really react the same way they use to. (i'm not sayin all guys ya)
my point is... is it really fair towards the guy (given in this situation) because, y only the guy tat need to take up the responsibility? n wat the hell is the ppl around us? the problem is between the couple, not them. why they need to have tat prejudice eyes staring upon u, every time u walk down the corridoor? n when u smile at them, they will smile back, yea.. no doubt bout it. but its so fucking fake.
n when u try to chat up with them, askin simple questions

guy: hi, how r u? *smile*
guy's ex gf's fren: m ok.. *fake smile* u jerk(say it in heart)
guy: oo.. great. how's ur studies goin on?
guys's ex gf's fren: ok la.. got alot of assignments *fake smile* u bastard!! dump my gal fren(say it in heart again)

it sounds funny, but its kinda true. just how many ppl out there dare to say it out instead of back-stabbing, or cursing the fella aft they walk pass by.

well... *pounder*

nitez people

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