Thursday, March 01, 2007

how i spend my thursday

hmm... what to write leh?? nth much happening to my life this few days. kinda sien man.
as usual when to college today, it is an early class at 9. so, need to get up around 7.45 a.m. left the house bout 8. i was late for 10 mins, but luckily the lecturer was having technical problem with her computer. the quiz was okie, but i don't know how to answer most of the questions, didn't study lor. -_-'' after the quiz, i felt asleep, so boring sial.

after class, went back home to sleep. hehe.. pig gile rite. i know, i know. slept at my grandma's bed, cuz the house cleaner was cleaning my room when i wanna zzz.. wei sim msg me asking me when will i be arriving, but i ignore the msg, she told me 2pm ma, and i didn't want to be the first to arrive. :P

i reached wei sim's place around 2.30. i belum sit down on the sofa, she already ask me to become dealer for blackjack game they are playing. zzz -_-''' in the end, won bout 20 plus, enough for my dinner. was on my way to meet kenny in Mines, and mom called saying that my bro lost his match. AGAIN. feel sad for him. he has been struggling for the past 4 years trying to make an impact in the local circuit, but couldn't show his true potential. don't give up ya bro, u'll always have my support.

met up with Kenny at Mines. went to kim gary for dinner. intro him a lil first, Kenny is actually my primary school mate. known him since std 5, we were best bud in our final primary year. then we went to different sec school. but we still keep in touch once in a while. come to think of it, he is my longest fren. er.... 12 years ?? n counting of cuz. =) anyway, we talked bout our lifes, and other stuff.

head back home bout 9... n have been stuck in front of the computer eva since. getting tired ledi, wanna go pigzz ledi... tmr still got appointment with a counsellor. yea... i got problems. :)

nitez ppl...

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