Monday, February 12, 2007

skip class

gosh... i SKIP class again!! not exactly skip class thou, i went off after attended half way thru. not that this is the 1st time. lol... i'm reli bad huh.. =P
u know what, the class is FREAKING boring!!
it suppose to be a freaking leadership class, n it suppose to be kinda interesting, or at least the lecturer shud be enthusiastic bout it. if your grp got those lembab-lembab leaders, talk like dead fish like that 1, would u like to join that grp rr??? u also no motivation to do ur stuff, even the project is SUPER-DUPER nice, fun, interesting, da BOMB!! don't think so lor... i'l be like, 'u go home better still la... ppl got semangat to work for u, also let u kill off those army of semangat we have in our body, mind, and soul'

sounds very kua jiong rite. hahaha... must be not enuf sleep from yester nite.
thank got for barcelona, otherwise i'l be dead.

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