Wednesday, February 14, 2007


'aaw... u shudn't have honey... ur so sweet'
'hmm.. i wonder where is he gonna take me..?'
'valentine wut?!? sucky day for me la, stay at home sleep better laa..'
'sien lor... hp never rang d whole day, no dates again tis yr... haihz.. '

tis is the time of the yr where roses are being send to their love ones, gifts were exchanged, couples will enjoy their nite out, singles will be miserable... to certain extend.
honestly, i think valentine's day is kinda over-hype. seriously, y wait till tis very day only give flowers to ur lover, shower them with gifts. normal days cannot give isit? but then, if dont' have all tis 'special' day, it goes the same to Christmas, CNY, Hari Raya n other festivals that v all celebrate throughout d yr. where v trade gifts and ang pau, and others wat not.

there's a 'myth' once sayin that there's a gal who is desperately wanting his bf to shower him wit gifts n love. tis bastard prolly is broke o doesn't know how to care for that gal. tat's y, she has set a date of valentine day. so that d guy only needs to send her flowers n gifts just on this particular day. to me, the gal is plain dumb, if d guy couldn't provide d things she wants, dump him n look for some other guys la. zzz... y wanna create tis kinda useless day huh. if u say there a prophecy from cupid, still kinda acceptable la. but i seriously doubt it. wel, they say love is blind, which is pretty true i guess.

my point is, everyday could be a valentine's day. u create ur own valentine. small lil gifts, notes, shower them with kisses n hugs. i blv it works both ways. not just gals like being pampered, but also guys. it may sound sissy, but d truth is that guys also wanna feel being love and care for. at least tat's my point of view. to all u heterosexual men out there, damn u guys for having a big f**king ego from ur head rite down to ur ass, u ego maniac.

sorry sorry... ahem, shouldn't be cursing during tis beautiful day for the couples tat r celebrating. my day also quite good, stay at home the whole day... doin nth. lolz.. anyway i'm goin out dating wit my ..... bro. hehe...

happy valentine peeps!!

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