Thursday, March 22, 2007

weeirrd dreams

wasnt' feeling well yester nite, couldn't sleep, and i was turnin and twisting on my bed for more than an hour but still unable to zzZ.. turn on my comp and went on friendster surfing. checking out other ppl profiles and pictures. got bored of it aft 20 mins, n jump onto my bed again.

suddenly i was at my dad's company, waiting to depart from there to some island, 2 vans. and i was 1 of the driver. *skip*skip* we reach d harbour at noon, and was every1 was preparing to boat out to an unknown island. supposingly speed boats were to transport us to the island, but we got a submarine instead. cool huh?

d submarine was bout to emerge from beneath. i called my mom telling her our ride is here, and she was walking towards us with baggage of her stuff. while walking, suddenly the submarine flip over and hit her... d next thing i know, blood starting to appear on the surface of the ocean water, mixing with it, mins gone by, the blood of hers was diluted and was one with the ocean water. i woke up, breaking cold sweat.

it rain d nite b4, and it was rather cold, so i cover myself wit a blanket.

d next thing i know, i was in a casino in Vegas. i couldn't see myself. but there stood 3 guys playing russian roulette, 1 was a huge guy bout 6 foot 3in, and another short and stout fella, and the last fella, was a normal guy, very norm that u would forget his face d next sec u walk pass him on the streets.

the huge guy was always deep into thoughts, staring blankly at the wilderness thinking bout only god know wut. he was also very calm, and his instint was excellent. d stout fella, was very noisy, so noisy that he piss off the banker a few times, and has to be escort out by the security guards. the d normal guy... well.. he's just norm, playin his own game, but he is very indecisive when it comes to placing his bets.

while 3 of them are playing, the stout fella got into fight with some malay fella and d huge guy help him out by beating their ass off. and some what later, d malay fella brought his other gang of frens to get revenge. *skip*skip*

in the end, every1 was trying to get a piece of the stout fella, bcuz he got onto every1's nerve. they challenge them if the they could win the next bet, they will take all the house bets. the banker says that no1 could ever bet the house. *skip*skip*

d 3 combine together and discuss a lil of which number to buy. the stout fella, without thinking, but with his superb instint as well, wrote down a number. and the huge guy 1st thought of number was also the same number as the stout fella. but he held back, in the end, aft much pressure from the stout guy, he wrote the same number. the norm guy was as usual indecisive, but in the end, the stout fella help him write the same number as the 2 did.

when the croupier turns d round roulette wheel, every1 hold on to their breath, the only fella dancing and doing his move is the stout guy. he was so confident tat he's goin to win.

in the end.... hehe.. wat do u think?? ;)
but i do hope that the 1st dream is just a dream. scary u know. and the roulette incident will come true. lolz.. there's actually another dream, but i couldn't remember exactly wat is it. :P


joey said...

take care of urself my fren.

stef said...

next time drink some water b4 u sleep n dun think too much while u r trying to fall asleep. otherwise ur subconscious will run wild. relax n stay calm