Friday, March 09, 2007

my last post

my last post..... for the weekend... wont be in KL for a couple of days, so tot of writing somethin b4 i leave tmr morning. will be goin to be Kuantan for work. shit.. need to skip 2 classes and a quiz. (i'm depending on u mike) hehe...

this week has been kinda nice. my fren, steph, just came back from perth. haven seen her for almost 2 yrs. haven really change much, just a lil bit more buff, curse alot, and even more kap siaw. lolz... jk ya. been out almost every other day after she came back. basically just catching up with each other lives, go for food hunting (she claim OZ nothing to eat wor)

sienz... althou there're many things happened. but lazy to write la... dunno y..

hmm.. don't think i'll be able to on9 this few days. just by the tot of it, sienz-nya.

1 comment:

stef said...

say me until like dat... wo~~~~
wanna say me fat ma say need 2 b so indirect de...buff pulak...say la say la...i know i fat la...