Monday, March 05, 2007

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got a call from nic this morning, 7.15am!! to be exact. ask me to replace a promoter in sg wang. i was so freaking blurr, i just answer yes all the way. anyway, i wasn't tat blurr as in blurr. i still manage to call him back to ask wat is the dress code. -__-

i slept for another 15 mins, n got up to bath n get ready to get my arse back to college to meet the counselor. shud i post bout wat i told the counselor?? it's confidential, u know... highly classified. hmm... just leak a lil bit ok r?? d counselor and i talk bout...

counselor(C): so, what ya wanna talk bout?

me: er.. obviously bout me rite?!? abuthen... talk bout u meh..

C: if u want to, i don't mind *wink*

me: *STUNT* are u sure??

C: what do u want to know bout me?

me: er.... are u single or taken ledi r?

C: whoa!! so direct!! but.. i like it!! hehehe...

C: by the way, i'm still single.

me: ooo... tat's... er.. hmm...

C: u wanna date me out is it? hehe.. *perasan*

me: whoa!! u also very direct wor..

me: i also like it!!

C: so... means how leh..

me: 8 o'clock. i come pick ya up k...

C: sure!! see ya then...

anyway, after the counselling session, i went to work. upon reaching there, he told me to wear some mascot thing. i terus SIENZZ... apparently damn 'wat tat'. i saw the outfit, it is worst than a clown costume k... and i need to wear that outfit for 3 times. u know, 3 times!! anyway, nic told me will belanja lunch, bcuz last min inform me to work, and need to wear that ugly outfit. we went KIM GARY to makan. not bad rite, didn't expect he would suggest there.

i found out tat, supposingly there are 4 promoters, and each of us takes turn to wear that outfit, but the gals dun1 to wear. ( u know who u r, yea u, don't 'act pig eat tiger' ya.. u owe me 1 drink k!!)

to cut the story short, and ultimately u wanna see the outfit only rite. k la, i also don't want to crap so much liao. wanna go out yum cha ledi.

very stupid, ugly, cacat,##$&^, @#$%$%& rite.

luckly, don't need to wear the pants, n yea.. it is red as well. TMD!!

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