Friday, March 16, 2007

blurr day

jeezz... i really can't think of a topic to write now, my mind have been blank for most of the day. super blur today... and i don't know what the heck is wrong with me today. i missed the turn while on my way to pick up my fren after discussion from college. it's ok... nvm... but bloody hell, i missed it twice when my fren told me to turn into the junction way before. TWICE!! zzz...

my report is gonna due on monday, and i haven't even thought of a topic to write, let alone do research bout it. i'm gonna be so dead.

think positive my man... positive.. positive... positve

malas gile ni..

TMD, fed up ledi.. don't know what to crap anymore.



aili said...

Kawan..!! Hopefully you missing the junction had got nothing to do with the discussion. If other wise, it serves u right anyway..

I just read ur last post in F... damn, u really really got to STOP SMOKING!! it KILLS!! And, u can't die yet.. we've still got the d.r.e.a.d.f.u.l bio-psych assignment to complete.. soon.

stef said...

wat is TMD?

endless-scroll said...

all u know how to do is just curse me huh. nth good to say bout me, other than jus serve me right this n tat?!?
anyway, i havent been smoking ledi k..

endless-scroll said...

TMD means Ta Ma De (read it in mandarin)