Tuesday, March 13, 2007

sure heboh

JOM!! mari heboh bersama-sama!!
in case u wondering wat d heck i'm 'heboh-ing', ask tv3 station. anyway, this 'sure heboh' thingy i think have been running for a couple of yrs. is where F&B companies such as Dutch lady, Nescafe, n stuff setting up booths to promote and sell their products. Hotlink was there as usual. but sadly i wasn't working with them. instead i'm workin for Intel. what d hell was intel doin in this kinda event, if u ask me. i've no ***king idea. n i was working last weekend at Kuantan for them. n i aint happy with the event company running the show.

in this kinda event there're mostly malay community. can hardly find a chinese walking around. not trying to be racist here, but would u tell me any chineses or the fact indians walking under the bloody hot sun of this kinda event. i don't think so. what's more shocking is that these malays rite, will wear long-sleeves, jackets, sweaters. ya u heard me, JACKETS and SWEATERS under the bloody hot sun. i don't know wat r they thinkin man, it's just nuts!!

furthermore, they just cut the grass, is like goin thru a desert. d day b4 d event starts, there were vehicles moving ard, it's like watchin a rally race even thou they were driving 10 kmph. the display sets of the computers are cover wit dust in less than an hour after we open shop. just imagine how much v inhale for the freaking days!!

the event company even asked us to wear a mascot, not exactly a mascot is just 2 large t-shirts combine into 1 n wear it. it says it is related to the theme 'intel dual 2 core' -__-''' bloody hot u know. v need to drink alot of water consequences of the hot weather. n d management just supplied 2 boxes of water to share with 20 ppl. WTH!!

v complain that v need to long hours n d pay was kinda low. n the supervisor said that d pay he's giving us was pretty high. i was like, 'shit u la.. work outstation got extra allowance n stuff.. i even got the same pay for working locally.' he terus tak puas hati with me. then ask us to work OT without asking us. n i make noise again. bully us think that this is the first time v working or something like tat. n he told my colleague who didn't complain that he hired the wrong ppl for the job. shit him la..

to cut the story short, wat i got after work is 'mm song-ness' towards the crap, and sun burn on my hands, neck, n face.

signing out...

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