Wednesday, March 21, 2007

naive meets

when two totally naive person meets, what do u think would happen to them? everything they do, is like; 'huh? r u sure tat's d way to do it?' when ppl tell them something, their response most likely would be, 'har?! really r?

if u have a choice, would u become a naive person or sophisticated? too complicated, ppl would never know what u r thinking, ppl wouldn't know wat is ur next move. or maybe the other way round, cuz u would have ur piece of mind in everything tat is being talk bout.

if u r naive... maybe u would get on ppl nerves, bcuz u would probably wouldn't understand wat the person is tryin to say, unless they have repeatedly for a thousand times. OR ppl will think that ur 'cute' and always happy (in a way) that u wouldn't have bother much of the complicated, troublesome real world. as u constantly live in ur own world.

so imagine... if two naive person meets... =)

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