Sunday, April 19, 2009

first impression doesn't really count

they say first impression tells everything bout a person. in a way, it's true to a certain extend. probably just a small fraction of it, at least to me.

i was never good in first impression meetings while meeting new people, associates and even pets. maybe i don't know what to say, or what to act that would blow the person off their ground. 'wow, i'm impressed! , 'oh my gawd *gasp* '... these are the words that i would never be able to hear during the first encounter with a new person.

if i ever did, i must be in a really good shape or top form. like really really really really really good.

anyway, if u have watched previous season of British Got Talent, there's this chap who blown everyone off with his performance. everyone attend the show did not even give him a chance, even the judges. his name... Paul Potts. fiy, he went on to win the competition and perform in front of the queen.

this year there's another contestant. at first glance, she's some kampung woman dress in a 60 year old dress. btw, she's 47. same thing, no one gave her chance, and just smirk the sight of it. however when she starts singing.... 1 word. WOW!!!! <<< click

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