Monday, December 04, 2006


zzz... suppose to be studyin for my finals.. but end up in front of the comp. -__-'' realise i haven been bloggin lately. bz? erm.. guess so.. assignments haven been pouring it b4 my finals and workin during the nite time. nth to write? couldn't be, i got quite a few things in my mind, but just couldn't put it into words.

hmm.. i'll just tell ya bout my time workin in Lotus Penang nasi kandar, off jalan Ampang, opposite of Niko hotel. quite a few things happen to me thou, not tat smooth sailing tat i wish for.

aahh... i don't know where to start!!

kayz.. there are 2 schedules, 1 in the mornin 11-3, the d nite shift is from 7-12. i worked during the nite time, cuz thats when i'm free n after my class. while workin there, u could see alot of stuff, ppl from the white collar, blue collar, ppl not in those 2 catagories. wat i mean by ppl not from those 2 catagories? they're aunties, uncles, ah gua, ah beng, ah lian, ah ju, ah gao, ah mau... haha... just kiddin... the last few dun hav laa...
basically, my job is just to ask ppl to try out the new drinks available in the market. simple rite, easy money rite, but hella bored wei... especially takde orang.

to cut short the story, tis is the scene while i'm working at nite...

people comes to this restaurant to hav a drink..

or dinner, or just a place to chit-chat

many ppl used tis place to have gatherings, watch football together, discuss bout their biz plans (n tis is when i get halau most of the time). there's tis 1 particullar table, (no!! its not full of gals, i'm not tat kinda person k.. ) 3 men, they were there sitting from b4 i arrived for work bout 7, till i left, there are still sittin there. dunno wat they talkin bout also.

tis is durin the day time, when i spend most of my time hitting flies.

i've made a few indon fren there, they are really nice n funny ppl.

he's Elgius, a indian-indon. he's really nice, n gave me free meals while i'm workin at nite shift. he told me tat he's fed up wit life workin in tat restaurant, cuz there's no time for urself. imagine 12 hours a day. u'l be dead tired by end of the day, n u'l be sleepin even u hav ur off day. he plans to open a hp shop in indonesia aft his contract expire in 2 yrs time.

the epic durin my time workin there would be... i shouldn't be writing it here, but wat d heck. i got kacau by a ah gua. (regret wearing my ear stud tat time.) kena kacau sial. ask me so many questions, show me so many of SHIM stuff he brought for 2 bucks. *puke* n SHIM even ask me to got find SHIM for a drink, n say will bring me to SHIM place, n GUARANTEE will make me happy. *puke* *puke* *puke* *puke* *puke* *puke* *puke* *puke* *puke* *puke* *puke*

for the record, tat fella still owes me 10 bucks, SHIM say dun have money to buy clothes for SHIM uniform. ta ma de..!! kena persuaded to lend him money. he bloody forgot my name, padahal SHIM ask like a 100 times ledi. he foreva frankie, frankie..

SHIM: eh, wat's ur name r..?

kev: kevin

SHIM: oh.. kevin. eh, frankie, i like ur ear stud la.. shinning shinning 1. where u buy it r?


kev: erm.. my fren bought it for me.

SHIM: oh okie... wat's ur name again? frankie r? how much u buy ur ear stud?

kev: no... it's kevin. n i dunno how much is it, my fren bought it for me.

SHIM: oh okie... i like ur ear stud la, they look nice on u... actually u also quite good lookin... unlike me old ledi.

kev: er..... (speehless)

SHIM: frankie, u guess how old am i?

kev: er... dunno?

SHIM: i old ledi la.. 50 somethin, but when i put up makeup, very pretty 1.


d above conversation is real. i didn't make it up.
here d moment u hav been waitin for... SHIM!!!!

clap la abit... zzz.. -__-'' didnt dare to take d pic too close up, scat later SHIM peluk me to take pic wit SHIM.
there u go, my time workin in LOTUS. to me, its pretty interesting, n its quite an eye opener, n nice experience, excludin the incident being kacau by d ah gua.


stef said...

u r so gonna get heapps of shit when i get back man...
cant beliv u got such versatile fan!! holy cow... i rather not!! yuck!!! but mayb yum for u?? hahaha...

Adrina said...

Y call him Shim r? Is that his name? @.@ blur2 wei.. Is he the one who did that 'thing' to u? lolz..

endless-scroll said...

wat type of shit am i gonna get when ya get back?? zzzz...
u call tat versatile r? i rahter not hav those kinda fans lor.. i dun mind talkin to them... but fan.. no TQ VERY MUCH

endless-scroll said...

tat fella nv tell his name. so, cal SHIM lor.. she + him= shim
for the record, its not the same guy. -__-'''

betz said...

I can't believe you put shim's picture there weii.. all my bulu "veet" ady stand up d...

see lah you.. now i need to go "Veet" again...

Adrina said...

wa...difren one samo @.@
y so many ah guas terpikat by u wan r? ;p

stef said...

i m very intrigued by wat adrina said... wat 'thing'???? but then i'll agree with u adrina, he memang got lots of ah guas terpikat wif him wan...

p.s.: hey adrina, tell me wat's dat 'thing' k? dun worry, kev wont mind...hihi...between d both of us k?

adrina said...

stef, u really wanna know? ;p
kevin, can tell r? lolz

endless-scroll said...

the person who did tat thing to me isn't shim k... is another fella... and the thing v r tokin bout is u know i know la... no need to say it out 1 rite... v all adults ledi, faham2 la tu..

n i'm not proud of the record of being kacau by all these ppl... i rather have aunties if can't get leng luiz than all these ppl. -__-''