Tuesday, December 26, 2006

KL Open 06

it has been quite some time i'm involved in the game. the last time i went to watch a badminton competition was more than 6 months ago, when i went to watch my bros compete for the states. n d last time i held a racket was bout 4 months ago...

gosh... i miss the game.

well, i went to watch d KL Open held at cheras badminton hall where i used to shed sweat and blood in the arena. d tough trainings given by the coaches. n d aches v tend to get after d trainin session is over. anyway, tat was million years ago, n now i have a big tummy in front where i can hardly bend over.
the hall is still pretty much d same. only the coaches and players are different. my mom and i went to watch the finals of the last tournament of the yr. v arrived bout 1pm where d 1st match being played. the crowd started to pour in bout 2 something, probably aft their work. just in time for the so-called big match : lee chong wei against mohd hafiz.

n oh ya!! taufik hidayat unexpectedly turned to watch the match. adding more speculation tat he will accept the invitation of KL badminton club to train with the national drop-outs.
there's not much of an upset. the top seed players won their matches, except for 1, the men doubles match between hoon thien hou partnering chan chong ming up against lin woon fui n mohd fairuzrizuan. btw, i know thien hou, v use to train together until he was recruited into sports school. (yaya... i'm bragging a lil... :p ) the former won their match just after pairing up last month. if ya dunno wat i'm talkin bout, go check the papers, there's a write up bout the pair being just formed.
nth much to talk bout, just some pics i took using my hp... tat's y kinda blurr..

moving sides to a more comfortable seats, i was sittin far end of tis pic.

match between Lee Chong Wei n Mohd. Hafiz

the crowd move to this side to get a closer look of the match d chong wei, hafiz game.
game against hafiz n chong wei
unexpected win...

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gun_pisces said...

wow,i'm a badminton crazy too...............lee chong wei & hafiz,kkk & tan boon heong's fan.................malaysia boleh!!!!!!!!!!!!