Sunday, December 31, 2006

end of 2006

it is 2.30 am... and it is the last day of 2006. i'm sitting in front of my computer reflecting what had happened in this whole year.



i guess it has been a good year for me, but i don't know whether it is a productive year not. i learn alot of things, made some friends, lost some. earn some money, n lost it thru sheer stupidness and careless act. conclusion, it has been quite a ride for me.

i was just wondering, a few friends of mine said that i've change quite a bit since i enter HELP college. have i? honestly, i think i have. the big question; is it for d better, or have i deterioated?? i myself couldn't answer u that, maybe u could tell me bout it.

some flash bec of what i've been doing for the past year.

  • enrolled into Help college, taking a course whereby i shouldn't be doing at my age. but i dont' have a choice. i needed it so tat i could pursue a degree in psychology.
  • celebrating CNY with colleagues that i've work with in maxis roadshows.
  • more roadshows n jobs, tryin to juggle between work and studies. (which i think i did quite badly)
  • bang my car a few times n i need to fork out my own money
  • got my ear pierced AGAIN
  • bought another hp within a year, because mom has her's snatched.
  • got lectured and scolding by friends. (surprisingly, my parents didnt scold me at all tis yr, not tat i could recall)
  • flung 2 papers during the 2nd semester of my foundation (had to hide from my mom that i failed)
  • went to Kedah and Penang with coll-mates during the holidays of 2nd sem
  • celebrated my b'day with my cousin's friends at bukit tinggi, and with my college-mates at Feelings
  • went to youth camp for the 1st time
other than tat, spend alot in movies and makan at Kim Gary, MongKok and MacD. on average i went to the cinema twice a week.

back to the question of have i gone bad or have i change for the better. i still dont know how to answer. lolz.. in terms of maturity, i think i've grown a lil bit more, but alot of them still say i act like 16. *grin* n don't look like 22 at all. is it a compliment of wut?

shessh... alot is goin thru my mind, n i couldn't made up my mind what to jot it down. -_-

i'll just end here k... i know is a lil potong stim, but i don't think anyone really care what i post.

merry belated chrismas and happy new yr EVERYONE!!

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