Sunday, December 31, 2006

new yr eve's 'gift'

hey everyone, 1st of all, wishing everyone a happy n joyful n healthy n prosperous n wateva u wish for new yr.

1 hour b4 2007 arrives... and i'm sitting in front of the computer blogging instead of partying or rather being squash by ppl bigger size than me.. hehe... phone didn't ring the whole day. i got no friends!!! boo hoo hoo... sounds pathetic rite..

just bought a PS 2 in sg wang tis afternoon, cost bout rm660. yaya... i know, i'm really out dated. PS 3 launch ledi, baru i buy PS 2. wat to do, gua bukannya kaya sangat. after tat bump into my dad's fren who said could get cheaper than wat i got. shit... wat's more, i came back with a flu. n things didn't help at all, when my grandma put on some nasty oilment tat tasted horrible.

well.. i'm gonna pig now... not feeling to well. yaya... i'm a lil bit out of my mind. sleep b4 the clock hits 12. i must admit tis is the 1st time since millennium tat i've stay at home. ish ish...
wat to do, body couldn't take it anymore. maybe i shud recharge my batteries 2 days in advance b4 getting ready for this big day.

happy new yr everyone...

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