Saturday, December 23, 2006


just a sudden came thru me...
y do we have to hide our feelings and thoughts, n not let any1 figure it out?
could it be... tat we are afraid that people might explore the possibilities of hurting us? or everything will be fine when we put up a strong face, and letting go of the things that are bothering us?
yea.. i do argree that certain things need to be let go, but certain things we need to overcome it, no matter how hurtful the event is.
i got a fren. well... i could honestly say USED to be. he is a nice guy, USED to be very cheerful, 1 of our fren (in chinese v call. kai xin guo) always laughing. a gentleman. i USED to hang out with him very often. we would laugh n laugh non stop. he seems happy right, but what lays behind that face, that mind, we all wouldn't know. no one knows.
but lately he has change alot. he is alot more quiet, he starts avoiding ppl, or i could say, avoid our grp members and join other grps. i swear to god, i really don't know what happened to him. prolly is bcuz of a gal, n maybe is bcuz things happen in the past whereby he couldn't let go. i could only concluded this much, as he wouldn't open his golden mouth. if he did, just very brief .]

zzz.... i dont' know how to continue tis post. all i know is i'm puzzle with human characters, n what is goin thru their mind every min. n i'm gonna study psychology.
hahaha... am i really ready for tis course.


Adrina said...

speechless, dunno what to say althou i feel like commenting on this entry..lolz

but ppl do move on, and we cannot stop them from doing so no matter how much we want things to remain the same. dats my opinion la..

stef said...

ppl do change as their needs and wants change. when a fren no longer can fill his/her emptiness, that person would move on to other fren(s) to fill that particular need/want. we cant expect ppl to remain the same, as everyone who has been in ur life would grow n thus changes. all we can do as a fren/former fren is to jz wish for the best for that person.