Thursday, October 05, 2006

wat a gal will do to get wat she wants

i'm exhausted. taking a break from my assignment after brain-stormin n typing for 3 hours. blaa.. don't think will continue my work. cuz my partner, Janess oredi left my house heading back home to zzz.

today post is... hmm.. i also don't know wat is today post suppose to be. -__-

okie, i got 1. ways a gal will do in order to get wat she wants.

i got a fren, her name i'll just put it as C. well, C doesn't like to alone n she can't stop talkin for a sec if situation permits. who does anyway rite. but tis gal, she would find some1 to talk to, company her along d way, n do wateva is it suppose to. imagine talkin in d cubical side by side in d toilet. even in the toilet!! okok.. mayb i hav just exaggerated a lil, n i'm imaginating stuff a lil. lolz..

but the main point is, she would somehow find a way to 'persuade' the other party to suite her means n needs. best is if u r a guy, especially durin meals, she would say she din bring enuf $ n wat not. n would forget bout it d next day, n pretend nth happen. if possible, she will pujuk d guy to buy him dinner. being touchy towards d guy, flirt wit d guy, sayin he's good lookin wat not, n tat guy's looks like a... better dun say la, ok? lolz... u think for urself. n d way she speaks.. gosh.. u wouldn't want to hear it. how to describe...?? slutery? i dunno wat word to describe it.

i'm not sayin all gals r like tat, is just tat i saw it wit my own eyes tat she actually acts tat way. to some of u, u may think is normal tat a guy shud buy gals meals n stuff. but need to see situation a lil lor.. cuz wat if u paid for d gal's meal, n u need to suffer for the next 2 meals urself. mite as well, save it for ur own tummy. n do tehy really care tat u'll get to eat the next meal? chances r... ZERO.

*yawn* better get some sleep, o'wise pengsan no1 will notice. gud nite.

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stef said...

i totally disagree that a guy must pay for the meal unless it has been said otherwise prior to the meal. how d heck r guys gonna treat females as equals when we gals (not every1) are acting otherwise?? i think these type of gals are the ones who constantly degrade the image of females and reverse the fight of equality of all human.
so ppl, when having a meal wif frens, be it with guys o gals, if no one actually says who's paying, it should always b on dutch!!

p.s: guys, if u hav been paying for a gal, who is not ur wife, fiancee, o gf, chances r, u r a 'water-fish'!!