Monday, October 30, 2006


d last week have been holidays for most us. 2 main races in the country celebrating their festives respectively. indian= deepavaali. malay= hari raya. n coincidently, the whole nation celebrate my b'day wit me on the 25th of Oct. gaga...

HappY BirThDaY!!

just a short review wat happened in the last few days.
1st day of deepavaali.
me family n mua, went to port dickson P.D for a short vacation. we went there together wit my mom's fren's family as well. so, basically 3 cars went down, as i stayed there for only a nite. nth much happened there. just relaxing playin beach ball wit my bros and dad and uncles. eat, eat and eat all the time. and played mahjong during the nite. won 10 bucks, and tat was sufficient to pay the tol while on the way back. but b4 that, big match in EPL ManU vs Liverpool. and a goal a piece by Scholes and Ferdinand in either half puts ManU back on top of the league table. i was practically shouting the whole time and couldn't sit still at all. but the sad part, i watched all alone cuz my family went out to buy some stuff. but i still enjoyed every min of the match. hehe... ManU rox!!

1st day of hari raya.
went to Janda Baik very near to Bukit Tinggi wit my cousin bro, Alvin and his frens and few of my frens as wel. Alvin's gf's uncle owns a bangalo (see, is nice sometimes to have connection wakaka) so, v pratically 'owned' d place for 2 days. is a 4 storey building wit beautiful scenary at the back yard. the design.. hmm.. not bad la.. got the things i eva wanted in a house. nice stereo set, plasma tv, pool table, nice backyard, swimmin pool. yadda yadda... but kinda big thou. all in 11 rooms, 2 kitchens. hired 3 maids to clean also dunno enuf not.
not much difference. also spend a relaxing 2 days there. eat eat and eat. played mahjong,
mahjong, mahjong. gaga... won another few bucks.

relaxing in the pool, its in the bangalo itself

gambler gambler sekalin, anda ditahan sebab main tak cukup besar

hmm... so nice r... eh.. sorry ya, din know its ur head

wow!! see so many ppl celebrate my b'day wit me. nyek nyek

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