Friday, October 20, 2006

tired... as usual..

woo hoo!! just finish my mid term today. relieved... finally is over. i could at least enjoy my festive holidays, thx to hari raya and deepavalli, i get a few days off.
i nv had enough sleep for almost a week now. just a couple of hours of sleep every nite. my whole body feel kinda week, guess my body resistance is not as good as i think. come to think of it, i couldn't last long as in 2, 3 days without sleep. i'm really impress some of my friends could 'tahan' for so many days. i dunno, my body sure need a certain amount of time to rest. if not, body resistance goes down, nose start to 'bleed' (with mucus) flowing down, eyes swelling, havin headaches.. n d list goes on. pretty weak for a young man like me huh. how sad -__-

anyway, glad tat my mid term is over. hopefully i did well enough to score some marks, so tat i wont suffer so much during the finals.. i think i did okie.. i practically memorize d essay questions, which i nv did in my entire school and college life. kakaka...
but i think i could do better if i studied a lil bit more. but i'm super lazy person and i lack perseverance tat is require to succeed.

can i be like him?? lolz

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