Friday, October 13, 2006

finally done...

woo hoo!! finally finish our internet principles assignments. mind u is oredi 5.45 in the mornin. suppose to finish it earlier, but when v( betsy and i) try run through the whole thing just to double comfirm it really runs properly, so that v can present it to Mr. Siva later. somehow, the pictures doesn't show up.
celaka..! after putting the pictures and things in order, the pictures doesn't appear. just a empty box and a small lil 'X' at the right hand corner. so frus sial...
then betsy tried to fix d prob, mana tau, cannot also. cis!!

besty: aiya!! i give up la.. i wanna bang my head on the wall ledi... ( n she run out the room)
*wondering whether did she really bang her head*
5 minutes later... she's back...
me: hmm.. let me try n see can fix it not..

d next thing i knew, she felt asleep on the floor. zzZZ... *swT* -__-

back to d assignment, hmm.. must focus...if can't fix it, later sure makan jagung ledi, mr. Siva will surely be pissed.

click, click, click... ish, y cannot 1... @-@

click, click, click, click..... FINALLY, after 20 minutes i manage to 'gao dim' d problem. u knwo wat;s the prob?!?! all just because the page is on betsy's folder. so, can't find d link to the website. by this time betsy woke up and i happily showed it to her. mana tau.. u know wat's her reaction??

me: eh, see... i fix it ledi.. can view all d pages, everything seems to be working. come see la..
betsy: mmm... dun 1 la.. my hands and legs got alot of needles. eh, u make sure below the price got the 'cart' icon.
me: oohh.. okie.. *celaka* i fix it ledi, din puji abit, still bosses me ard to do tis n tat. sheesshh..
betsy: i very sleepy le... *BOOM* (drops on the bed and sleep like a dead fish)

wat d??? somemore snore so load? u scare next door neighbour can't hear u sleepin isit. -__-

OMG!! i just realise how am i gonna go back la.. no one to open the door for me. 'sei lor' 'mommy, i wanna go home!

anyone wanna join me for dim sum?? hehe... i'm hungry...

P/S: betsy din snore, i just made tat up. apart from tat, everythin is true. especially d dead fish part. LOLZ
too bad i can't upload her 'dead fish pose' in here. i din't bring my hp cable along. wasted!

and ya, she FORCE me to add tis line... ' she cook maggie mee for me.' :P


stef said...

since u r "finally done...", so very free now 2 help me do my blog edi lo? thank u r...

endless-scroll said...

i got mid terms comin up laa.. how u want ur blog to look like? any ideas?

betz said...

ishk!! too much ahh u!!

hey sorrylah, fell asleep!! I didn't know I woke up and walk out from the room aso!! *paiseh*
eyy... bought u starbucks d kan??

summore say i force you to add that line... FINE! so ungrateful!!

endless-scroll said...

kk.. u didn't force me to add tat line k.. *ahem* just bcuz of that starbucks. lolz...