Saturday, October 21, 2006

friend poaching

i heard tis on the radio a couple of weeks ago. the callers call in to tell d radio deejays their stories. alas i learn a new term. end of story. cya... lolz..

so, wat's 'friend poaching'? according to MY definition: it is when u intro some frens of urs (not within ur current circle of frens) to ur close fren, or frens tat u always hang out with. and ur close fren 'dumps' u aside and not doin activities or 'layan' u anymore.

nah.. actually tis has happened to me not once but... i can't reali recall, but i rmb at least 3 times. tis 'statistic' shows tat i really have 'great' frens.

i got a fren, H. she was single tat time. n she sorta askin me sometimes to intro some guys to her. since d eva so kind hearted me, wat d heck... just intro laa.. so, 1 day v came out yum cha, n my friend, M join , H, a few frens of mine, myself. as usual, H is a super curious type of person. so, she bombaded my fren wit all sorts of questions, until my fren also kinda can't take it.
to cut the story, d nex thing i knew, they were seeing each other, meetin up for lunch, n goin out for movies n so on n so fort. super fast track sial.

at first, it doesn't seems to bother me. n i'm really happy wit for both of them, cuz they really hit off well. 2 weeks past, n H called n she told me bout wats goin on between M n herself, n told me she's happy, n they talk alot over d phone. den i said to H, when shud we meet up n hav a drink, then she told me tat she has plans wit M tmr, day after tmr, 2 days after tmr...
i my heart i was like ' wat d hell, u meetin up wit him almost everyday, n u couldn't spend a lil time wit me.' tat hurts.

eva experience it b4?? well, it kinda hurts thou. not being included to d activities, being left out in conversations. ur fren sorta ignore u, bcuz he/she got a betta half to share wit. i mean, i'm fine with it, n totally understand if u wanna do ur own thing. but dun la totally left us out. kinda feel stupid n alone. especially when all of us do most of d activites together. and suddenly we are being left out. gezz.. tat feelin reali just sux.



gwen said...

who are u refering to??

endless-scroll said...

need to refer to any1 1 meh?