Friday, October 06, 2006

new hair style

went to cut my hair d other day, for no particullar reason, just feel like cutting it, prolly wanted to hav a new look. so went to MV to get my hair done.

below is the extract of d conversation i had wit d stylist.
kevin: hi...
hairstlylist: how u want ur hair to be cut?
kev: erm... *thinkin* no idea, (den looks at him) wat bout somethin like urs?
stlylist: *looks stunt* sure?? erm... okie.. (fiddle wit my hair here n there)
stlylist: okie then. shud be no prob. we'll wash ur hair 1st.

wat ya mean SHUD be no prob. anyway, too late

30 min later.

like mm gam yuen rite

dunno y my face look so fierce.

am i bolding?? nooooo..!!!

i really need to cam whore more often. lolz..


adrina said...

smile a bit la can? camwhore aso camwhore til muka masam =.= only the last pic doesn't look

stef said...

i miss my hairstylist!!! now my hair's like shit...
countdown: 5 months to my rebonding