Wednesday, July 01, 2009

chockie taste better

your smooth and silky skin, makes me wanna touch you,
gently caressing, afraid that you get hurt.
fondling your hair, as you hiss and giggle like a naughty child,
beneath that willy smile, lies much more to what you're portraying,
i study you, your every movement, your every angle,
despite all the effort,
it's still very much blurry between those lines.
oh.. did i mention the cleavage? oh my...
it's like never ending valley that drifts down towards the center of the earth.
what a sight.

regardless of those attributes,
i still very much hate you. yes... HATE you.

you stupid code of ethics...
as if you albeit those rules and regulation,
acting innocent.. ' shouldn't have'
acting politely.. 'so thoughtful of you.. but i can't receive it'

total turn off...

i feel like puking... urgh...

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