Thursday, July 02, 2009

puddle of mud

when the odds are down, situations seem to be turning worst by the day, and the future looks bleak. the energy level is just so low, it suck out the remaining droplets from your body. Yet, at the corner of the room, there lid this soul, shinning ever so brightly. putting on a brave smile, forever energetic, and always optimistic.

however, as the mask being remove, crystal bitter taste tears flow gentle down that strong frame. as the voice box vibrates, disappointments and sadness is all that's been utter out. clenched fist pounding on the table, as anger and frustration being transmit to the hard surface table made out of rock. and as surroundings quieten down, heart that is still beating ever strongly even it's been puncture a thousand times.

will a pat on the back, an assuring hug, or even words of encouragement works?

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