Saturday, November 03, 2007


n here i was talkin bout consistency a few weeks ago regarding my blogging in this blog. when i just view how long ago i've written a post. is bout 10 days ago. haihz...

is not that i don't want to blog... it's just... it seems nth is happening in my life. well, there are things, but is not appropriate to talk bout it. mentioning bout it, just puts more pain into it...

i've gone thru hell... well i wouldn't say is hell. erm... i would say i've gone thru a ride, n so far is the best ride of my life. oh, did i mention that is 'ride' instead of ride. well, it doesn't matter if u understand not. i'll explain in the future, if the time is rite.

back to my story, i've gone thru a 'ride', that is so incredible, i would never forget in my entire life. the shockness, the pain, the thrill of it... wow!! the feeling is just unbelievable. u don't know what i'm talkin bout, don't ya. heh~

just imagine...

when the road is pitch black dark, winding; as u wouldn't know when is the next sharp turn, narrow; as only 1 vehicle can pass. slight mistake from u, KABOOM!! u r probably rolling down d cliff. is so f***ing hard to drive.

is even harder to drive, when there are no lamp post along the road, when there's no passer by to ask for direction, and the person u tot u could rely, just went to sleep. tat's pain, is a real pain in the ass, when u know u could take the highway, following the traffic and big signboards, it seems more safe and guarantee that u will reach ur destination. but no! instead u make a turn u think is a short cut. u end up here, u can't make a u-turn, the only option is move forward.

it was real pain in the ass, as it was a difficult route to use. bumpy, winding, narrow n pitch black. it couldn't get worst than that. yea, at times i do have the regret of making the turn. but in the end, i'm glad i made the turn. as i wouldn't know there is another route i could take to reach the same destination. ya, althou is a more challenging route, by that, if gives me more time to reflect on my driving skill, my vision, and my reliabilty towards my passenger who's sleeping. some might think that's a waste of time, it would be so much easier if we have taken the highway. true enough, it's easy. but like i said, i've made the turn.

wat's there to life, if everytime we make a wrong turn, we just make a u-turn. is always not that easy as making a 3 point turn. furthermore, the road is narrow n winding, u couldn't possibly make a u-turn. the only option is to drive thru it. pitch black, winding, n narrow route. we still can reach the destination, it just take a lil while longer. but in the end, i think it makes the driver a better driver. as challenges make a person stronger. environment makes a person stronger. pain makes a person stronger.

i'm still in the pitch black, winding, and narrow route. nevertheless, i still have faith that i could reach my destination.

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