Saturday, November 10, 2007

last emo post

y do i need to be so angry?
y do i need to be so disappointed?
y do i need to be so moody?
y do i need to care so much?
y do i need to hurt myself?
y do i need to cut myself to see how much i bleed?

y can't i be happy?
y can't i be joyful?
y can't i change things?
y can't i ever fixed things?
y can't i be patient?
y can't i believe in myself?
y can't i believe in faith?
y can't i change for the better?

aarrhhh... i'm goin nuts!!
i need to stop thinking so much. and just set out what i'm suppose to do. go with the flow... and let nature take it's own course. first of all, i think i need to start treating myself better. i've been punishing my body and mind for the past 1 and a half months. and i realize is not helping at all. i can't control what's out of my boundaries, sometimes i need to accept that certain things is out of my control, no matter how hard u try to turn things around. at least i know, i've gave my all. and all i can do is control myself.

all thanks to U, i've grown stronger. and all thanks to U, i'm begining to push myself further. and all thanks to U, i know what i want in life.

yea... i've realise i've been emo-ing alot. i think tis would be my last emo post for the year. =)

'What you think, and what you feel, and what manifest, is always a match' quote from unknown author

p/s: i didnt cut myself. just an expression. althou i did try hurtin myself unintentionally. n it bleed... =.=''' accident


Ai-Li said...

Kawan, y u cut urself?! Scare me!!

Chill lah, must happy-go-lucky!!


Very concerned kawan.

endless-scroll said...

wa.. kawan, i just post it less than 5 mins, n u read it. 1st reader i think.

opps, i forgot to put d P/S thingy. i didnt cut myself.. jus an expression.

Michael.Horn said...

walauweh....our dai lou here wht aili said....chill lar....want some liverpool philosophy?

'When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don't be afraid of the dark
At the end of the storm
Is a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of a lark.................................walk on walk on!'

haha....don't worry too much lar....'chang' u man

Ai-Li said...


thank God!

alamak i, means you got luck lah! baru blog only i terus baca!!

endless-scroll said...

thx guys, i think i'll be okay.. wow, i didnt know liverpool got such uplifting song. hehe...
n yea, thx kawan for ur concern, and yea... i got luck. lolz... do u want some of it? gaga