Tuesday, November 06, 2007

hav u ever go thru ur msn or yahoo messenger list, view who is online, and probably start a conversation from there on? yea... probably most of do the same thing, when we wanna find some1 to talk to.

but have u ever notice, what was the main reason of u talking to him or her?
subjective huh...

maybe he/she is ur good friend, u wanna pour ur feelings out, after a terrible/ happy incident.
maybe u like that person, u wanna talk to them.
maybe u just got his/hers email from the mall or on the street, (instead of number) and u chat with them.


on the other hand, have u notice their display or personal msgs, and what is being written. there will be loads of things being written, some just put their name, some are tellin u what they are doin, and what they are goin thru, n some are quotations n some are just pure bulls***

well, i take more note on wat is being written on their personal msgs. and some friends' quotes are really insightful and meaningful. n sometimes, their quotes does reflect on what i'm going thru and needs. is just funny, and i'm always amaze that when u wondering n searchin for answers, it always appears in front of me.

have it happened to u b4? well, it happened to me quite often. amazing huh


Michael.Horn said...

you mean 'walk on, walk on' insightful????

endless-scroll said...

walk on. walk on wat oo... u n ur liverpool philosophy agn r...

n i din know u read my blog hoho

endless-scroll said...
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joie said...

yup.. sometimes does feel that way.. but dunno why most of the time my quote inspire others.. lol