Wednesday, October 24, 2007

alarm clock

it's been raining practically everday in d morning for the last 1 week. and i have been getting up everyday in d morning for the last couple of weeks. in between 3-5 in the morning tat is. i don't know why... no alarm clock to wake me up. just my own biological 'alarm clock' waking me up. how cool is that.

is the sky mourning for me as well, as i'm also having a rough time dealing with my own situation. how cool is tat as well, 'they' 'cry' with u.. opps did i just say cry with me. lolz...

if u r thinking what time is it now? ya... it's 5 in the morning. if is 4 in the morning, i'll sing u gwen stefani; 4am. =)

gud nite peeps... or shud i say good morning every1 who r sleeping, n to those freak like me who r not... gaga

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hseang* said...

now more more crying :)