Monday, October 22, 2007

have u ever miss a person so dearly till u don't think straight at all? u do all sorts of stuff, that is probably romantic that u could charm her, or probably something stupid that u get on her nerves. u just wanna talk to that person day and night, u wanna see ur partner thru webcam, even though is just thru the eye of a webcam. u think bout her all the time, wondering have she had enough sleep after a night long of working. wondering whether will she fall sick, because of the bad weather. wondering.... just wonder.

just contact her la, some of u might say.

but the tricky part is, u couldn't contact her, because u know she is busy with her work, u don't want to distract her. u try to help, but u can't cuz is not within ur expertise. all u can do is just sit and watch. u refrain urself from helping her, cuz by helping her, u might cause even more trouble.
she's stress up, she's begining to throw tantrum. u try to encourage her, but whateva u say offended her. the feeling is just... but is ok.

so what could u do?

well... all u could do is just sit at the side, quietly. but in ur mind, u r still thinking... thinking of a way...

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