Friday, April 06, 2007

pork leg soup

bloody hell.. my right thigh is swell till like a pork leg. no pictures will be publish as this will expose my 'sexiness' and alas arouse ur sexual hormones, or wateva u called tat. heh...

went to play futsal yester with invitations from michael and boon leng. this is the 1st time i'm playing futsal. the last time i played football was neons ago, in a big field, where i become defender, and that is also because someone ask me to replace his player, and not because of interest. the feeling of being used. -__- and he was one of my best friend back then.

anyway, tat's history.

had lotsa fun playing the guys there. they divide the grp into 4 teams, and each team get 6 mins. (y 6 mins? no idea, maybe is a nice number to them) =) the time seems short rite, but after the 1st match, i'm oredi pump out. haven been exercising recently, so fat, couldn't run at all. and hence become defender AGAIN, willingly la.

there's once i challenge for the ball, 50-50 chance, one of the player running towards the ball like a bull, and i'm just tryin to get the ball out of the danger area. and BAM!! i think his knee his my right thigh, my whole leg felt numb and cold sweat starting to break out. -_- n d fella didnt' help me up. lagi swt..

mayb tis is because i block his shot while he wanted to shoot and he felt on the floor in the previous game, he's not satisfy gua, and tryin to revenge or somethin.

nonetheless, tis is part and parcel of the game. the only drawback is that i need to work in the comin days, and dont' know whether i can withstand it not.

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