Tuesday, April 10, 2007


when moments arrive, or opportunites arise, usually we would jump into the band wagon and on our way to a mystical journey, so to speak. but don't know y, i would doubt and think and wait, and wonder to myself is this the right thing to do. by the time i decide to join the gang... TOO LATE!! it has always happen to that way. and i regret it so many times. the disappointment is really... killing me? no... that is a harsh word. probably chipping my body, piece by piece.

and the moment of doubt have cause me numerous times of opportunities that these opportunities i think should have taken me somewhere i think i want to be. always dwelling on the past, how i wish i could change the past, fantasizing the future, hoping for the best and trying to shape what i think is best for me. i think i should work in Disney. there's is always hope, and they always create something that is beyond imaginable, placing people in a state of mind that they should be in Disney world.

i just want a simple life, yet... i always complicate situations that is just pure and simple, making my own life miserable. if i weren't indecisive in the past, i wouldn't have been in this current state, i would have be what i think i could have achieve.

yet, if i weren't so lazy, sticking my big fat bump on the bed, wandering in the clouds. but yet again, i've always been lazy, no doubt bout it. i just don't have the omph to pick up myself and get going. nothing seems to motivate me.

aahh.. i'l stop complaining now. i'l continue later if there is time and d mood is still there.


Anonymous said...

indecisive? u are just too lazy to make decision, afraid to make decision because u are not sure u can hold on to to the things u do..

endless-scroll said...

yea anonymous.. that's just because i don't have the confidence to hold on to the things and decisions that i've made. fear of lost.