Wednesday, April 04, 2007


ever been deceived b4? well, i have. in fact a couple of times. n i hate that feeling. one lie after another, when is it gonna stop?? not to say i never lie, or deceived anyone b4. tried it, and it never work. in a split second, they soon will find out by just staring straight into my eyes.
i don't know how to lie... maybe tat's the problem. by telling the truth... well, ppl don't like to accept the truth. is just like saying ur an asshole to a person (padahal, tat fella memang an asshole) but they never would accept the fact they are. not even bother to pause for a moment, to think and ask, 'really? u really think so? y?'
by lying, not only u avoid being scold or killed by the other person because u lied. but it also saves the trouble of.... i don't know. there could be hundreds or maybe thousands of reason for that person to do so. i rather not know at all.
but anyway, i don't care. it not me who's gonna suffer the consequences.

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