Thursday, April 12, 2007

magnificent 7

woo hoo!! ManU trash Roma 7-1! 7-1 u know. did i just said 7-1?? ahahaha... superb performance from the players and coaching staff. and a great nite for everyone who supports ManU, even those who don't, u can't denied the fact it was a great team play by the ManU players. just what they nid after 2 consecutive loses.

yaya, u would say the match is pretty fake, Roma didn't put up a fight at all. so i've heard. then i would say chelsea was just plain lucky to sqeeze thru to the semis. probably d Valancia players were paid by chelsea boss to lose the match. spend hundreds of millions of dollars to bring the players in yet couldn't win the champion league, it would be quite embarassing rite. btw, that fella prolly got too much money to spend, where else can he put his money than in the mouth and pockets of the opponents.

eh.. y am i talkin bout chelsea. it suppose to be MANUTD!! ahaha.. don't think there's much to say la. they have shown in sports news and written in papers for the past 2 days. no nid for me to brag bout it anymore. lolz..

here are just some of the pic i got it from the net.
carrick scoring the opening goal
back in shape, back in form. v miss ya smithy
dejected... next season try again ya
picture meant thousand words. 7-1!!

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