Wednesday, February 10, 2010

pushing the wrong buttons

as of late, i think i pissed off many people

i don't know what did i do actually in that spur moment. however, i will regret for the actions that i have take. words piercing through the heart, it's hard to just put a band aid or two across the wound just like that. scars will always remain.

just this morning, while driving to work. the usual.. jam all the way to work place. there's this car who wanted to cut to my lane, i couldn't break in time, and my car was in front of him. yet, he still insist of cutting to my lane, our rear mirror brush together, and i honk him along the way for his persistent. the next time i know, he bang his window so hard, i could hear it even my windows are close. his eyes ranging from anger, literally almost popping out. i swear he would run me down if he was driving a tank or lorry. serious.

maybe my action has cost him to go blow his top, after stressful times in the morning.

it's not entirely my fault lo. reasons:
1) he did not put his indicator. thinks that his grandfather road
2) it's my lane, in theory... and i got a choice to let him pass or not
3) i want to eliminate road bully. i was prepare to fight if he stops in front of my car. (cuz we almost the same size) lol
4) i want to get into youtube, just like the video taken in LDP. heee

having said that, from now onwards, i try to be nice~ full stop. i still got 75 years to live.


Michael Horn said...

Another one must be Fred, thats why u don't get the ball from him! LOL

Sharon Kong said...

I hate road bullies also! But it costs me both sides of my signal lights! So let's be nice next time :)

Ice Princess said...

be nice be nice.. =)