Sunday, February 07, 2010

3 must

attended a talk yesterday, with the mom. it was quite an insight. i like to attend this speaker's talk, it's always light hearted, and.. as i said, insightful.

the speaker mentioned quite a few things that caught my attention, and made me reflect certain things that has and going to happen to me. and today, i'm just gonna talk bout 1 of the points that i could remember.

humans need to have 3 mus, otherwise we will die. some may have studied this in psychology. and in my faint memories, i think one of the lecturers in bpsych must have talked bout it. anyway, 3 must.

1st must. we must do something.
imagine, if we just sit down and staring at the milky way, or lie on bed all day doing nothing...everyday. we are no different than the body buried six feet under. hence, we need to find something to do. anything, at least it's something.

2nd must. we must do something we love.
doing something we enjoy/love is something... one can't explain to the next person that do not get what you're doing. to a destroyer of the environment, they could never get what the humanitarian effort in saving the planet they love. or something like that.

3rd must. we must have something we hope for.
this is kinda subjective. why? humans strive on things that bring them hope. a glimmer of hope would push beyond a human's capacity that they never could imagine. you could say, hope is what keeps us alive. whereas, hope is something that could ruined our life too, literally. as one hope that his/her children to get rid of an addiction. sometimes, it's just kinda hard. rationalization could immediately take place. but that is a whole new dimension that one should consider.

these are the 3 must one must have. if not, one may die. come to think of it. it does make a whole lot of sense. if you find something to LOVE to DO, and putting HOPE into it. as many that have found their passion, they claim that they never work a single day of their lives. all because they enjoy doing what they love, and hope it will blossom to something more.

-the end-


Mandy said...

I find something to love, to do, and to put hope into de :)


Like your post again <3

Sharon Kong said...

I love to watch anime and I hope to live in the world of animation!