Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ooo~~ start work ledi

i think i made a very good impression today.

first day of work... and i was late for 25 minutes. anyone wanna salute me?

*shakes head* *no eye see*

traffic was horrible. and i didn't expect it to be that bad. drive motorcycle also stuck in between the cars. tomorrow need to get up even earlier.

is the part where work suck even before work starts. woot~~ it rhymes, kinda.

as i was saying, upon reaching office, i barely caught my breath as i was sitting down. boss throw me a project to handle. i stone there for couple of minutes while he explained the details. he stop abruptly, 'you don't have to take down the details?'. i scramble for pen and paper, and was handled to me by his partner gleefully.

that was the highlight of my first day in work.

end of story.

you can close this window, and do your stuff.



sotong said...

bos, apa macam kerja? mana kerja?

Boon Woei said...

Kawan, jia you x 10!!

Work hard, work smart, you boleh :)

Michael.Horn said...

come, more futsal at mignight!

Ice Princess said...

hugz.. =)

endless-scroll said...

kawan-kawan sekalian (sotong, boonwoei, mike, ice princess)

terima kasih banyak banyak.

mike* yea.. legs sure wobbly d next day.

ice princess* don't simply hug, i don't want to kena samurai sword

Ice Princess said...

-___- eh he tak tau fight wan la..

Michael.Horn said...

haha, Ivy perasan! LOL

anyway kev, u don't get what i mean. What i said got nothing to do with wobbly legs but being late for work! LOL

hseang* said...

haha, All the Best wei ^^

Alex Teng said...

1st 1 to salute!
the 1st month I work I never late b4!
but after tat u gonna salute me..haha!

endless-scroll said...

hseang* thx

alex* ish.. you not pro at all la.. haha